Daniel Frate - Senior Graphic Web Designer

Dan has been doing art as far back as the ripe old age of four. He had several art classes for many different mediums while growing up. Following his passion he went to Masters Institute and got his degree in Multimedia Communications. After graduating, Dan worked as a 3d Animator. When the Internet boomed, Dan decided to go the way of the web. He worked for a software company building sites for clients. He soon worked for a printing "CMYK Film to Plate" Software Hardware Corporation doing national ads in six different magazines, corporate branding, software packaging, company collateral, web site design and development and convention booth material.

Dan was offered a job for a web integration company as their lead designer. This was during the dot com gold rush. The company had clients such as Oracle, Intel, HP, Sybase and Bon Appetit. Part of his job was project management with clients and building user interfaces and flash projects. When the dot com crashed, it eventually put the integration company out of business.

Dan decided to open his own Design Studio. His client base consisted of corporations and small business around the country and other parts of the world.

Dan Frate Designer and Graphic Artist


Dan Frate Designer and Graphic Artist

Having experience working with corporations and small companies has helped Dan grow in all areas of business. Corporate branding, major marketing campaigns, and web site development has allowed him to integrate his talents and experience together. If you need company branding print work to match your site, he can do that. Best to project scope the campaign and evaluate what you need to attack the target audience. If you need help on where to start as far as taking your company to the next level, he can discuss and scope out what should be your next step to getting your company to be reconized for your demographics. Communication and Creativity is key to reaching your goals.


Corporate Branding and Identity, Marketing, Customer Relationships, Illustration, Creativity, Project Management, Package Design, Convention Design, Web Design, Deadline Orientated, Fun To Work With. Easy Going!